Presenting an award… in a Hawaiian shirt

In case you are unfamiliar with the face of SSRN’s managing director, Gregg Gordon, here he is represented on the righthand side (personal fashion sense not pictured). Those palm trees in the background are not just for decoration, either. Gregg has once again braved elements to bring SSRN’s important mission to Hawaii for AACSB’s ICAM.

We’re still not sure how a sunburn in Honolulu compares to suffering western New York’s alternating snow and windstorms, but we were glad that Gregg made the trip. We love seeing SSRN represented at ICAM, but this year marked a new milestone. On April 22nd, during a private dinner hosted by WRDS and the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), Gregg joined Bob Zarazowski in presenting John Bilson, with the WRDS-SSRN Innovation Award.

John Bilson is the Dean of the Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology. The award is the fourth of its kind and the first of 2018, with the first three awards issued in 2017 after we announced the partnership with WRDS to make this award possible. The award recognizes excellence, innovation and impact in business research. Illinois Institute of Technology truly deserves this award and the recognition for all of the work they have done.

From all of us at SSRN, congratulations to John and the Stuart School of Business! We wanted to award emerging business schools for their innovation and excellence and we are proud to say that you will be the 2018 representation of those values across North America. Thank you for all of the work that you do!

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