Get the Most Out of Your Experience on SSRN (credit card NOT required)

We’ll let you in on a little secret… We want users of SSRN to log in.

Okay, so it’s not much of a secret. In fact, we admit it pretty openly. There was only a brief period of time when we removed the ability to download without an account. We felt we weren’t being true to our mission and the experiment was unanimously terminated pretty quickly.

So, why? Why do we want users to create that free account so badly? It’s pretty simple. We want you to come back. And if we expect you to do that, we know we need to provide you with a good experience.

Like most people in the 21st century, we think that a good experience is one that is customized. When you log in to SSRN you have the chance to tailor your journey through the available research according to your interests and needs. So, are you getting the most out of your free SSRN account? Use the tools and below to ensure your SSRN account is saving you valuable time and energy while delivering your choice in research topics.

My Library

This feature was formerly known as “My Briefcase”. Using this feature, you can save any paper. It’ll save to your “My Library” section of your SSRN account. No limits. Not time constraints. Just come back and enjoy the research when you have time to read them. All those times you say “Oh, I’ll come back to it later.” By saving it to your My Library, you’ll actually have the opportunity to do that. No chances to lose it. No wasted space on your desk.



One of the reasons authors like using SSRN is that their network of readers will always be able to find their latest work in one concise location. Use the Ideas feature on your My Papers page to keep readers aware of the ongoing work you are doing. This feature builds publicity and anticipation around your paper even before you are ready to post it! It can also help attract potential collaborators. Dedicated readers and others interested in the topic will see your ideas on your author page. Use the Ideas feature on your My Papers page to keep readers aware of the ongoing work you are doing



Subscription is usually the place where people think “ah, that’s where this site makes the money.” In SSRN’s case, not so. We have hundreds of abstracting eJournals that can be accessed through your free account. So, you can click through the ones you like and add them to your user profile. Journals will be sent to your inbox regularly and you’ll get access to new, relevant research just by checking your inbox.

Submit A Paper

Our proudest achievement and the bulk of our commitment to researchers in practice is that we host research papers. To the authors who post, we thank you. We never charge authors to post papers. By posting a paper through your free account you secure your author page where all of your papers will be available. You can also add affiliations that benefit your institution, add a profile picture, and maintain it as a general hub of your work.

Share Your Thoughts!

How do you use SSRN? What are your favorite features? Let us know in the comments!

And, if you haven’t already, create that free SSRN account.

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