BiochemRN has hit the eLibrary Shelves

When SSRN started to really break out of our mold as a social sciences repository, two of the very first networks we launched were Biology and Chemistry. Today, after many other networks and other functions have been added we let go a sigh of relief as we come full interdisciplinary circle to bring users of SSRN a fresh research network in Biochemistry.

To long-time users of SSRN, this new network will likely come as a welcome addition, rather than a pleasant surprise. We’ve always insisted on the interdisciplinary nature of our services. With our core disciplines established, we saw the gap in serving the researchers and scientists in the Biochemistry field.

As we’ve said before, no research should exist inside of a vacuum. The work that academics do is too valuable to be pigeonholed into one field. Our managing director, Gregg Gordon, once said “If you want to see an impact, share your paper; if you want to see a big impact, share it broadly.” Through our cross-network sharing, and now enhanced by BiochemRN, the papers that are shared on SSRN are intended to reach all researchers who will be interested and influenced by the content of the paper. So, in one stroke we enhance the reach of the authors and we enhance the future work of researchers who will read, cite, and make practical use of the papers they find on SSRN.

With the Biochemistry Research Network, we hope we can further improve the work that users already do through SSRN and offer a more complete view of meaningful research being done around the world.

For new researchers posting their papers through this network, we intend to showcase and distribute your papers with the magnitude we have shown to all of our networks over the past 25 years.

The start of this network marks a particularly joyful milestone at SSRN. We hope you’ll see the value in it as well, and celebrate with us as we clink glasses to its fruitful future.

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