Weekly Top 5 Papers – April 22, 2019

1. Who Owns Huawei? by Christopher Balding (Fulbright University Vietnam) and Donald C. Clarke (George Washington University Law School)

2. The 7 Reasons Most Econometric Investments Fail by Marcos Lopez de Prado (Cornell University – Operations Research & Industrial Engineering)

3. Article II Vests Executive Power, Not the Royal Prerogative by Julian Davis Mortenson (University of Michigan Law School)

4. The Quality Living; A Main Rating Category for Sustainable New Construction in Egypt by Hazem R. Bonna (Ph.D. in Sustainable Construction, Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Cairo) and Ahmed S. El-Hakim(Al-Azhar University, Cairo – Department of Civil Engineering) and Hatem S. El-Behairy (Al-Azhar University, Cairo – Department of Civil Engineering)

The terms Quality Living, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Health & Wellbeing, as stated in different sustainable rating systems for new construction, are all representing the main interference of social sustainability bottom line inside the rating system through prioritizing the occupants’ productivity, comfort, and well-being within the building design & construction stages to ensure a better quality of life within the building lifetime commissioning stage including health comfort, air comfort, thermal comfort, visual comfort, nuisance management, and safety management issues. – Dr. Hazem R. Bonna

5. The Top 100 Law Reviews: A Reference Guide Based on Historical USNWR Data by Bradley A. Areheart (University of Tennessee College of Law


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