Top 5 Papers June 21 to 28, 2020

Top 5 Papers, based on downloads from 06/21/2020 to 06/28/2020

# ID Abstract Title Authors Affiliations Downloads
1 3623820 An Inconvenient Fact: Private Equity Returns & The Billionaire Factory Ludovic Phalippou University of Oxford – Said Business School 2578
2 3557504 Economic Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) on the World Economy Nuno Fernandes University of Navarra, IESE Business School 2017
3 3547729 The Global Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19: Seven Scenarios Warwick J. McKibbin, Roshen Fernando Australian National University The Australian National University; Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) 998
4 1160925 How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students Orin S. Kerr University of California, Berkeley School of Law 888
5 3500919 Why Google Dominates Advertising Markets Dina Srinivasan Thurman Arnold Project 829


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