Elsevier’s Mendeley Creates Open Data Research Resources

Scholarly open science has long been practiced effectively by SSRN and thereof our mantra: “making early-stage research available helping researchers create better research, faster”. It’s only natural SSRN’s sister company, Mendeley Data adds curated content by creating ongoing collections available in a one-stop repository for researchers to discover.

All for free.

If you are looking for specific data resources to continue your research, Elsevier has created collections available to freely view and download:

Explore and download the research you want, when you want it.

  • Elsevier OA CC-BY Corpus
  • ChEMU dataset for information extraction from chemical patents
  • The researcher journey through a gender lens
  • Data for: Build it and they will come:
    The convening power of the SOLEIL Synchrotron facility
  • Covid-19 Relevancy Algorithm Data Set for Identification of Core Scientific Articles
  • Analysis of research data for 11 Institutions – Data Monitor
  • Protein regulatory relationships in COVID19
  • 3D reconstruction data used to perform selection task
  • Media and Cell Line Dictionaries
  • Data for: Accept me, accept me not:
    What do journal acceptance rates really mean?
  • … and many more

These collections are curated to keep you informed of the latest research in these most popular fields of study.

Here are just some of the benefits of open research data for authors and readers:


  • Get credit for all your research outputs, not just the paper
  • Potentially attract more citations
  • Comply with funder mandates data sharing
  • Start sharing your datasets


  • Easily access the data which underpins a paper
  • Facilitates evaluating and attempting to reproduce the paper’s findings
  • Use the data in your own research and meta-studies

Your data is FAIR with Mendeley Data

  • When collaborating with the research community to develop Mendeley Data, we followed the FAIR data principles to increase the exposure of research data.

Data Defined

When we talk about data, we mean all forms of research data inclusive of everything needed to reproduce the research. So, raw data, processed data, protocols, methods, workflows, machine & environment settings, scripts, analyses, algorithms, and a plethora of other types of analysis tools.

Benefits within an Open-Access Culture

Reusing research data improves the research data life-cycles with the lab and to the world-wide researcher audience.

In turn, researchers benefit with time savings when searching, collecting, and sharing data by using the Mendeley Data datasets and SSRN tools to disseminate their early-stage discoveries. There’s compliance with funders’ mandates and improved impact to increase data reuse.

Start discovering new datasets on Mendeley Data, today!

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