Did You Know? “P” is for Photo and “CV” is for … a deeper SSRN Network!

Researching and collaborating from opposite sides of the globe is nearly effortless these days. Technology makes it easy to connect virtually with the people behind the names on your screen, but more challenging to know them. Many of us have never met our co-authors, let alone the authors of papers we read. SSRN‘s most recent update will help deepen these connections – …


Hammocks to Palm Trees Metric

I spent a good portion of the last year presenting at a wide variety of conferences around the world. My talks and …


World Opportunity Tour with SSRN

Stop cialis generic canadian pharmacy online http://viagra7-onlinepharmacy.com/ canadian pharmacies viagra cialis viagra #2 on World Opportunity Tour Last week I gave two …

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The Future Of Higher Education – 

I’m speaking at the American Accounting Association’s Annual Meeting today (August 6 2013), this years’ theme is Brilliantly Disguised Opportunities. The morning panel, The Future of …