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World Opportunity Tour with SSRN

Stop #2 on World Opportunity Tour Last week I gave two presentations at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Anaheim  (lots of A’s). The meeting’s theme was Brilliantly Disguised Opportunities and my presentations focused on working together to integrate accounting research into the broader interdisciplinary flow of scholarly communication and the real …

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The Future Of Higher Education – 

I’m speaking at the American Accounting Association’s Annual Meeting today (August 6 2013), this years’ theme is Brilliantly Disguised Opportunities. The morning panel, The Future of …


SSRN Celebrates 20 Years

It is hard to believe SSRN began two decades ago. And today, SSRN has become something beyond our dreams. Mike Jensen shared …


Libraries: Keeping It Real

via I was at MIT a few days ago and had the opportunity to participate in Erik Brynjolfsson‘s class at Sloan School …


Keeping Up with the Cyber Current

From Octane magazine: “Keeping Up With the Cyber Current”: In the June 2009 issue of Octane, Entrepreneurial Organization’s quarterly magazine, I outlined SSRN’s …


Differing Views of Social Media

Richard Stacy had an interesting blog post about journalism and the sanctity of publication. In this post he discusses the indignant attitude …


Is it really a Brave NOW World?

“Brave NOW World” was the theme at the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Annual Meeting in Baltimore last week where several ideas …