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SSRN launches improved Citations and References service

The SSRN Team is excited to get citations and references moving more quickly on SSRN. We look forward to working with you to evolve the new service to ensure that it’s as accurate and as comprehensive as we can make it. Please send us any comments or feedback to – we’d love to hear from you.


Weekly Top 5 Papers – June 10, 2019

1. A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory by Matthew O. Jackson ( Stanford University – Department of Economics) 2. Pulling the Goalie: Hockey …


Advice to Entreprenuers

When it comes to Fatherly advice, our own SSRN thought leader, Gregg Gordon, makes insightful conversation on the ROCStars 13WHAM early-morning news program.


Weekly Top 5 Papers – June 3, 2019

1. The Rise of Trump, the Fall of Prejudice? Tracking White Americans’ Racial Attitudes 2008-2018 via a Panel Survey by Daniel J. Hopkins (University of Pennsylvania) …