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Weekly Top 5 Papers – April 22, 2019

1. Who Owns Huawei? by Christopher Balding (Fulbright University Vietnam) and Donald C. Clarke (George Washington University Law School) 2. The 7 Reasons Most Econometric Investments Fail by Marcos Lopez de Prado (Cornell University – Operations Research & Industrial Engineering) 3. Article II Vests Executive Power, Not the Royal Prerogative by Julian Davis Mortenson (University of …


Weekly Top 5 Papers – April 15, 2019

1. Time-Series Momentum: A Monte-Carlo Approach by Clemens Struck (University College Dublin) and Enoch Cheng (University of Colorado at Denver – Department of Economics) During my days as …


Weekly Top 5 Papers – April 8, 2019

1. Market Risk Premium and Risk-Free Rate used for 69 countries in 2019: a Survey by Pablo Fernandez (University of Navarra – IESE Business School) and Mar …


BiochemRN has hit the eLibrary Shelves

Through our cross-network sharing, and now enhanced by BiochemRN, the papers that that are shared on SSRN are intended to reach all researchers who will be interested and influenced by the content of the paper. So, in one stroke we enhance the reach of the authors and we enhance the future work of researchers who will read, cite, and make practical use of the papers they find on SSRN.


Are you a happy researcher?

Are you feeling especially happy today? If you are following the Action for Happiness movement, like some of our team at SSRN …