SSRN launches improved Citations and References service

New SSRN Citations and References service

SSRN is delighted to announce that in early July we launched a new service that shows where a paper on SSRN has been cited by other researchers, both in papers on SSRN and across the Web.

As SSRN has grown, we have recognized the need to adapt our citations management so that we can more quickly and accurately meet the increasing rate of submissions to our site.

Given the enormous value of citations to our authors and institutional partners, we’ve spent the last year working on a completely new service which replaces the current service.

The new citations service has two important elements: The first element is a fast and accurate reference extraction algorithm that can extract citations of your papers on SSRN when it is uploaded or revised. The service will be updating citation counts of papers on our site every day.

The second element is a connection to the CrossRef lookup service, which means that once your paper has a DOI and starts to become cited beyond SSRN, we’ll be able to display the second set of CrossRef citations for your paper to provide a more complete picture of how your paper is being shared across the Web.

We appreciate your patience as we get our new service up and running. We expect that the vast majority of papers on SSRN are likely to see an increase in their citations but do let us know if you see any changes to your papers that don’t make sense, and we’ll work to promptly resolve any issues.

The SSRN Team is excited to get citations and references moving more quickly on SSRN. We look forward to working with you to evolve the new service to ensure that it’s as accurate and as comprehensive as we can make it.

Please send us any comments or feedback to – we’d love to hear from you.

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