Planning for the Financial Future Takes Vision

SSRN continues to grow research networks in an open-access online community readily accessible to everyone.

In the spirit of always growing, always something new, we are pleased to announce our latest research network!

Introducing the SSRN Financial Planning Research Network FinPlanRN. This new addition is made even more special due to our collaboration with the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning as our research network sponsor.

Director of Academic Initiatives, CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, Dr. Charles R. Chaffin says: “The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning is pleased to partner with SSRN to launch the Financial Planning Network. We see this as the next stage in bringing more cutting-edge research to practice, Financial Planning Review, our annual Research Colloquium, and the financial planning profession.”

The mission of CFP Board is to benefit the public by granting the CFP® certification and upholding it as the recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning seeks to create a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession so that every American has access to competent and ethical financial planning advice.

Shirley Decker-Lucke, SSRN’s Content Director, says “SSRN is pleased to be working with the CFP board to create an early stage research sharing space that is specifically customized for the needs and interests of financial planning researchers and practitioners.”

Financial Planning denotes the process of determining whether and how an individual can meet life goals through the proper management of financial resources. The Financial Planning Research Network on SSRN includes research in all areas of financial planning, welcoming contributions from a broad range of fields, from retirement planning and portfolio choice to psychology and sociology, all indirectly or directly informing financial planning practice.

Individuals benefit from financial planning by stepping through the process to meet life goals and managing financial resources to ensure a comfortable future. SSRN helps researchers and practitioners discover the most cutting-edge research long before it is published, while showcasing the broad range of fields that relate to financial planning theory and practice such as economics, financial economics, and management.

The CFP Board has invested in a Partner in Publishing relationship with SSRN further engaging with like-minded practitioners and scholars for the distinct benefit of financial planning and making the future bright. Author content is now managed all-in-one repository easily accessible to the masses. The PlumX Metrics further associates social media and other mentions by collecting the data as part of the author profile.

Step into the future by sharing your early stage research today.


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