Gregory Gordon, President & CEO SSRN

SSRN is the number one research repository in the world, with networks within that span across multiple disciplines.

SSRN hosts over 325,000 authors’ submissions of nearly 600,000 papers and over 700,000 abstracts within the SSRN eLibrary, delivering over 100 million downloads.

We use this space to share information on our networks, journals, new features and technology, rankings, and beyond.

Our online community that serves researchers, students, entrepreneurs, scholars, businesses and organizations around the world. Our multi-disciplinary eLibrary consists of scholarly research spanning a variety of subject areas, including:

As a leading resource, SSRN provides the opportunity to share and distribute research well before it is published in journals or books. Our site features an expansive eLibrary, more than 1,000 abstracting eJournals that deliver research electronically, and rankings for institutions, authors, and papers, among many other features.

SSRN was founded in 1994 by Michael Jensen and Wayne Marr. Jensen continues to serve as Chairman of the company, while Gregg Gordon operates as president and CEO. SSRN’s headquarters are located in Rochester, NY.